Here are some of the most common questions we get. But if you have additional questions we’re amped to help and get those ansered for you. Just fill out the contact form above and we’ll get back to you.

What's included in your brand packages?

It really depends on your goals. But we offer just about everything you might need. From giving you brand clarity, to logo design, social media branding, website design, video production, photography, content marketing and growth plans. We’ve got you covered.

how long will it take?

It depends on the size of your brand package. However for a standard brand package the process normally takes 4 weeks. 

do you have payment plans?

We do our best to work with the budget you have. Currently we able to splitting up the payments into 4 installements. 


Just fill out the contact form above and once you submit it we’ll know to apply that 20% discount to your MAVRIK Brand Package. If you decide we’re a good fit for you. 

How It Works

We alwasy start the branding process off with a good old fashioned phone call. That way you can ask any questions you have and we can find out what your goals are. Then from there, if you’re still interested in us doing your branding, we’ll create a custom proposal for you. Which you will have time to review and decide if you want to work with us. In your custom proposal will be a custom timeline for the branding process and package we recommend for you. 

Can you create a custom brand package?

Absolutely! We can tailor fit a brand package that fits just the needs you have.

how much does it cost?

Package prices varry depending on what’s included, but the starting price is $5,000.